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by Ethel Mortenson Davis

Wilderness embraces us
this wet morning
with pictures of chaos.

repeating patterns
of symmetry
that quiets,
sets our minds free.

These lovely patterns
in trees, rivers, coastlines,
mountains, and seashells
give us designs that are graceful. . .

like the wild dogwood,
a signature tree in the forest,
whose fractal symmetry
is like no other.

The most beautiful grace
I have ever seen
brings rest to our minds —
our souls.


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Sonnet 16

by Thomas Davis

He found the Internet; a shaman chanted
along connections in his nervous system.
Computer screens became a world enchanted
with who he was, his universal wisdom.
He wove design into the mysticism
of art enabled by an engineering
that danced like sunlight in a crystal prism
that set the mythos of our spirits soaring.
He took us on a visual journeying
as life fizzed, popped inside an endless mind
that questioned, questioned, focused on creating
a self that, like his art, swirled, scintillated, shined.

There’s courage in a heart that finds a place
to sing a hymn of individual grace.


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