by Ethel Mortenson Davis

Wilderness embraces us
this wet morning
with pictures of chaos.

repeating patterns
of symmetry
that quiets,
sets our minds free.

These lovely patterns
in trees, rivers, coastlines,
mountains, and seashells
give us designs that are graceful. . .

like the wild dogwood,
a signature tree in the forest,
whose fractal symmetry
is like no other.

The most beautiful grace
I have ever seen
brings rest to our minds —
our souls.


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2 responses to “Fractals

  1. There’s something uplifting about the repeating patterns of fractals in nature that gives us a glimpse of a greater reality – beyond words. And yet you put it into lovely poetry. It reflects our oneness with the infinite. Beautiful poem – thank you Ethel.

  2. Beautifully evoked a deep true all too frequently overlooked in our over busy lives. An ever timely reminder.

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