Sonnet 16

by Thomas Davis

He found the Internet; a shaman chanted
along connections in his nervous system.
Computer screens became a world enchanted
with who he was, his universal wisdom.
He wove design into the mysticism
of art enabled by an engineering
that danced like sunlight in a crystal prism
that set the mythos of our spirits soaring.
He took us on a visual journeying
as life fizzed, popped inside an endless mind
that questioned, questioned, focused on creating
a self that, like his art, swirled, scintillated, shined.

There’s courage in a heart that finds a place
to sing a hymn of individual grace.


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13 responses to “Sonnet 16

  1. “Sonnet 16” draws me into his path, to witness his courage, and experience his triumph. I especially feel empowered by: “…a shaman chanted along connections…art enabled by an engineering that danced like sunlight…to sing a hymn of individual grace.” Once again I am in awe of your poetic art, thank you.

  2. Your ending couplet is perfection.

  3. Hi Thomas,

    “a shaman chanted along connections in his nervous system” – what great words!

    You have a great gift for a sonnet. I would love to write one some day but for now…;)


  4. Makes me buzz ! Love David

  5. Caddo Veil

    This is a beautiful memorial–your son’s light will never go out. It lives in you, your memories–and radiates to those of us who’ve been privileged to share it via your poetry, and Kevin’s brilliant work. I am ever awed and amazed at this phenomenon–that people who’ve never met, will likely never meet face to face, can yet feel bonded. It must be a vast spiritual thing–because I’m not even a mother, that I could claim to know experientially, what it is to have and love a child, and possibly lose him. I’m moved every time I come here.

  6. Beautiful, vibrant testimony to creativity. In looking at some of the other comments I see that this is an ode to your son… if so, it is a wonderful tribute. Thank you for sharing it.

  7. Beautiful work once again, Thomas. The mystic/artist meets the internet – a place to express, expand, unite with kindred spirits, to spread his own joyful creativity. I’m assuming from above comments that this is about your son – and it makes me wish we could have met him. Thank YOU for sharing him with us through your wonderful poetry and his photography. And thank you also for your generosity of spirit!

  8. It always bothers me when people adopt the attitude that technology kills creativity, or connection with the world/nature/universe. Potential can be unexplored if the Internet and its like are approached for themselves, but when you look at them as a tool and a wire to the world, there is the capacity for finding and sharing beauty and wonder that we never thought possible.

    So this is proof, is my point. 🙂

  9. Hi again Thomas,

    When I first read this sonnet I wasn’t aware it carried such a personal connection, until I read other comments.

    I am now reading it again in an entirely different light; it is a very moving tribute as well as being a beautifully crafted poem.

    Thank you for sharing it with us all.


  10. Beautiful, A very moving tribute.

  11. A poem which left me feeling the better for having read it.

    Inwardly smiling was how I felt


  12. Yes, ebbtide beat me to it: “There’s courage in a heart that finds a place
    to sing a hymn of individual grace”, perfect couplet. As a matter of fact, the whole sonnet reaches into the psyche…

  13. You are really interesting and work with individual words and word patterns to achieve big effects – the only word that made me feel uncomfortable was ‘shined’ but perhaps this is simply a word that has a different usage in America.
    And yes, I’m a bit of a pedant!
    But thanks for a memorable sonnet.

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