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The Cup

by Ethel Mortenson Davis

I will give you
a cup to drink
the night sky
and watch you
as you savor
each constellation.

I’ll watch your spirit
soar as the earth
swells up
and carries you along
to the top of the mountain.

And I’ll watch your face
as you see
the perfect gem,
a coral blossom
growing within
the kneeling turquoise juniper.

I will watch you sigh—
for my opiate too
is the earth and the sky.


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Of Love

by Thomas Davis

The round, close face,
Soft like gentle hills
And as misty as the sky
Full of coming rain,
Inspires this song—

The beauty beyond thought
And love beyond the beauty.


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Untitled, a photograph by Sonja Bingen


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Night Sky

by Ethel Mortenson Davis

The stars laugh and laugh,
laughing in an ocean of laughter,
moving-water laughter,
until the sky can hold no more
and joins in laughing
with black face and shining teeth.


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