Of Love

by Thomas Davis

The round, close face,
Soft like gentle hills
And as misty as the sky
Full of coming rain,
Inspires this song—

The beauty beyond thought
And love beyond the beauty.


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9 responses to “Of Love

  1. Julie Catherine

    Thomas, this is sweet, gentle and so romantic … I love it! 🙂

  2. Caddo Veil

    Thomas, this is Exquisite!!

  3. I’m way behind with my reading – please excuse me Thomas – but this is delightful, and thoughtful.
    There is more in each of these lines than meets the eye first time. That hint of the coming rain for example – it could be a reminder that times are not always easy, even when there is love … or perhaps by contrast the rain is welcome for without it nothing can grow (and over in the USA I understand you are only too aware of that this summer).
    I especially like your last line.

  4. Anna Mark

    If you can sense beauty beyond thought and love beyond beauty…you are in such a wonderful place, Thomas and Ethel.

  5. extrasimile

    Thomas, ‘the round, close face’ is a perfect summary of love as I know it. We’re lucky aren’t we?

  6. “The beauty beyond thought
    And love beyond the beauty.”

    which about says it all.

  7. Lovely, lovely, Thomas, not a very profound comment, but sometimes just feeling carressed by a poem is enough. The last two lines are exquisite.

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