Here We Breath In Sky and Out Sky

Ethel has published yet another new book Here We Breathe In Sky and Out Sky. It should be available shortly on and


You can purchase it today at Reviews of the book are also appreciated.  On the back cover the book is described in this way:

This is Ethel Mortenson Davis’s fourth book of poetry. The poems in this book are intense, filled with the magic light of New Mexico, imagistic in the same sense that H.D.’s and Ezra Pound’s early poetry was imagistic, spiritual, and transcendent. The visual nature of the poems relates to Davis’s skill as an artist trained at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. This nature also brings alive the high desert, mountain, and cliff country in which the poetry was written. The people that appear in the poems are multi-cultural, Navajo, Zuni Pueblo, and Anglos, that are living lives made complex by the long, sometimes difficult, history of New Mexico. There is a magic sense of New Mexican light in this book, and always a sense of here we breathe in sky and out sky.

I hope some of you will consider purchase a paperback copy.


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9 responses to “Here We Breath In Sky and Out Sky

  1. Bravo Ethel – I shall order a copy.

    • John, if you’ll send ten dollars to our Pay Pal account and email me your address, I’ll send you a book and save you what amazon and the others are charging. I’d also like to sign the book. Ethel

      • It would give me great pleasure to have a signed copy, Ethel. Thank you! I’ll get on to this in the morning (we have just got home after Easter away with children).

  2. Is it OK or even better if I get it direct from you rather than Amazon? Though if that’s not the case Amazon is still OK.

    • Ben, if you want to buy it from me I’ll send it to you for $10 and sign it. We’d have to use Pay Pal again, but that worked well last time. I hope Tom still has your address. Ethel

      • I think he still has it, but if not he certainly has my e-mail so he could ask me to resend it. He also knows how to set up PayPal so we can all just what we did last time.

  3. Wow, congratulations on another book, Ethel! I too will look for it on Amazon.

  4. Betty, if you’ll send me a ten dollar check and your address, I’ll send you a book. It’s a little more expensive on Amazon.

  5. This is a beautiful book, Ethel. I’ve read right through now and returned a couple of times to reread some of the poems. I love the way you combine precise evocation of the landscape and the flora and fauna (especially in New Mexico which sounds very foreign and exciting to me) with insights into human relationships and sensitivities: two poetic themes which don’t always go together but which combine so naturally in your writing. And of course all of us who read your blog will recognise the relaxed accessible style of your free verse. A beautiful book and one I shall return to from time to time.

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