Beyond the Fire of Stars

by Thomas Davis

 Words crawl, or dance, or hurl into the air,
And as their meanings symphony
A universe born from complexity
Derived from how we humans try to bear
The waves of minutes marching unaware
Toward an ocean that no one can see,
Life crawls and dances, hurls its vibrancy
Past any time of hope or bleak despair.

As thin as paper deep with crawling words,
We dance and hurl ourselves into our world
As life swirls time into the thoughts we are
And consciousness, like sparkling hummingbirds,
Discerns, then speaks of times and meanings curled
Into eternities beyond the fires of stars.


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15 responses to “Beyond the Fire of Stars

  1. I am thinking of you and your wife and daughter as my family mourns the unexpected death of our son, Brian, at age 31. Your poems mourning your son are a comfort.

    • Steven, oh, my heart and spirit go out to you and your family. That is so so difficult to go through. It never really leaves you either. It gets more removed as time passes, and that helps, but there are few weeks that pass that I do not remember Kevin, our son. I am glad the sonnets from that time in my life are comforting. If you would email me your address I would package them into a booklet and send them to you. My email is I so appreciate your poetry. You are such a good man. I have few words of comfort, I’m afraid. I don’t think words of comfort do much good during such times. But be assured I am thinking of you and wish you strength.

      • Thank you, Thomas. My son was such a happy man, and so good, that he certainly does not want me to feel this pain. But I must. It, for now, connects me to him. Maybe someday joy will replace it. I’ll have faith that such a day will come.

        Thank you again.

  2. Felicie

    I can see that. Good words and thoughts.

  3. Thomas, I love this on many levels, as your words dance with vivid imagery and meaning. This is now my new favorite of yours.

    • Ah Betty, I have been doubting this ever since I wrote it, and now you say it’s a new favorite. I hope it lives up to your analysis. You certainly are a superior poet.

      • Thomas, this poem resonated with me on a mystical/metaphysical level that’s beyond analysis. I just really love it! And of course it’s master-crafted, as are all of your poems.

        (And isn’t it funny – it seems very often that those poems we have doubts about are the very ones that others like best. At least this happens often with me. 🙂 )

  4. An excellent reflective and metaphysical piece. It can be helpful to take a step back from the immediate and troubling and consider things from a broader perspective. And there is certainly more than enough to be troubled by at the moment. 😦

    “As thin as paper deep with crawling words,” is my favourite line here.

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