by Ethel Mortenson Davis

There is a part
of me
that walks and talks and sees,
but then there is
another one
that has parts of wings:

Wings that take me
to the highest green cliff,
then drops me to the sea
to catch a ride on the back
of the dragonfly
as he crosses the land—

that take me
to the farthest planet,
the red one,

then pulls me
back to the forest
where green moss
clings to the north side
of trees
in winter’s cascade
of blue shadows on snow and sparkling sun.


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20 responses to “Wings

  1. “catch a ride on the back of a dragonfly”, “blue shadows on snow”. I love it.

  2. A beautiful ‘whisk away’. The poem gives a wonderful feeling of dancing with the breeze, and thoughts, and the flow of the universe. 🙂

  3. Anna Mark

    Me, too. I often err on allowing myself too much time away from the ground. Beautiful words.

  4. Thank you for gently directing us back to those essential elements of life that we are so easily distracted from by the fidgety fussy mundane.

  5. Such a beautiful feel to this Ethel; Im soaring!

  6. I love how the imagination takes flight in your lines, Ethel. It always does!

  7. I was wondering why I hadn’t seen any poems or photos from you all recently, so I went to your site in my bookmarks and discovered I’d lost the ‘following’ link. Don’t know how – and that’s the second blog I’ve done that with recently (I hope only the second) but I’ve reconnected now!

  8. I love the journey in this poem, the one on wings, and the one that brings you back. Both sides now, and we’re the richer with all your imagery. Another beautiful poem, Ethel.

  9. Oooh, this is so beautiful, Ethel. And I see that it was written from a child’s point of view … which explains how it is full of the wonder that comes from the teaming of observation and imagination! I suspect you still live through such an awareness. Hope you are very well. XO

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