Overview of Chaco Canyon Ruins

a photograph by Alazanto, Kevin Davis, our son

Overview of Chaco Canyon Ruins November 16, 2007


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4 responses to “Overview of Chaco Canyon Ruins

  1. Were we not better people then?

    • I’m not sure, Ken. The Pueblo people were from the Anasazi, but there is some evidence that in spite of the marvel of Chaco Canyon, something with the religious practices may have gone to the dark side late in its occupied history, and the Anasazi people abandoned a site that is unbelievable in its astronomical sophistication. The Pueblo are, of course, were certainly as civilized and as sophisticated with agriculture and animal husbandry as the Spanish when the Spanish came to New Mexico and even chased the Spanish out for awhile. The massacres that occurred after they returned were especially brutal. But Chaco Canyon and the other major ruins, such as the one at Pueblo Pintado, which is really part of the Chacoan’s overall design for Chaco, is an unbelievable place that is guaranteed to amaze anyone who does a little research and tries to understand what the Anasazi accomplished there.

  2. I like kenneturner’s comment… yes. Intriguing photo.

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