Winter of the Oaks

a photograph by Sonja Bingen

Winter of the Oaks


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8 responses to “Winter of the Oaks

  1. Ina

    A beautiful Winter’s picture of Wisconsin We had some snow this morning but it has melted now. Snow makes everything look like art, as if it is sketched.

    I hope you are nowhere near blizzards! 🙂 x

    • Unfortunately, Ina, we’ve had blizzards in New Mexico off and on all day. Terrible winds, snow, and whiteouts.

      • Ina

        So far South…! I would think you always have sun there. I hope you are well prepared. Stay warm!
        It is snowing here now like crazy, flakes are getting thicker, it is sticking and it looks nice, it is a heap! Not so nice for animals outdoors though. I think I shall be brave and make a walk and photo’s 🙂

  2. Caddo Veil

    Beautiful–and you can feel the heaviness.

  3. Julie Catherine

    Beautiful photo, Sonja … I can almost feel the quiet …

  4. This is a beautiful picture.

    Pure untouched landscape of dreams 😊



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