by Ethel Mortenson Davis

Raven is a kicker.
He loves to have fun—
nose dives in the sky,
rides the sixty mile an hour winds,
sliding over the Santa Fe railroad
coming from California
and over highway 40
as the semis roll by.

Raven loves to make someone his joke—
sneaks up on his buddies
and scares them to death.

Smart old cuss too.
I saw him flying
with a pop can in his beak,
heading west toward Gallup.

He’ll do well.
They pay seventy cents a pound.


Filed under Ethel Mortenson Davis, Poetry

6 responses to “Raven

  1. Ina

    🙂 Corvids are real thieves!

  2. I love crows !!and I adore Raven!

  3. Caddo Veil

    Good one, Ethel!

  4. I love a poem which makes me chuckle.

    This one did


  5. Julie Catherine

    LOL, love this fun poem with an environmental message, Ethel! 🙂

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