Looking into the Universe

A drawing by Phoebe Wood, our granddaughter, sketched during supper in Telluride, Colorado

Looking In At the Universe


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12 responses to “Looking into the Universe

  1. gene3067

    Nice. You have a very talented family. I am always impressed by their artistry.

  2. Lo ely! Well done to your granddaughter. So much talent ib your family!

    Lo e


  3. Oh! that is so beautiful , may I use it as an illustration for a poem!

  4. When I looked at this I thought of her Uncle Kevin. xo

  5. sonjabingen

    The young girl looks scared or embarrassed? Hmmm…

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  7. How gifted she is! Talent certainly does run in your family – this is wonderful!

  8. Doleful eyes; good sketching…

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