Our Lady

by Ethel Mortenson Davis

They came
to Our Lady of Conquering Love
to light a candle
for a father,
sick now,
in the humble church
in New Mexico.

Fumbling to produce
the right coin,
the travelers
looked in empty pockets
until a stranger,
a man, came to them
with a small coin.

With a flickering light,
under Our Lady of Conquering Love,
the travelers left
the small, humble church
where the Lady
still lives.


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9 responses to “Our Lady

  1. Ina

    What a lovely poem! Happy New year!

  2. Beautiful poem Ethel.

    I hope you received my email wishing Tom well for his surgery tomorrow. And wishing you, yourself well too, for it is not easy witnessing our loved ones suffer as I am aware you know only too well.

    Sent with much love and hope for Tom’s full recovery,

    Christine x

  3. I wonder about his true identity beneath that humble mask.

  4. Ethel, I like this poem about how we seek comfort in times of distress and an act of random kindness.

  5. A beautifully written poem, Ethel – glad to be reading you again. I hope Thomas is doing well! Thinking of you both, and wishing you a healthful New Year.

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