The Kettle and the Stove

a children’s poem by Thomas Davis

“Well fellow old, my faithful friend,”
The kettle sighed as she began.
“We’ve cooked away until the end
And finally our long earned rest’s at hand.

“Sleep softly this black household night
And when bright morning trumpets in
We’ll wheeze and steam just like the light
And start our work all up again.”

“Oh yes,” the old stove answered her.
“The morning always seems to come.
The only thing is that I’m tired
And wish that all the endless work was done.”

“Oh yes,” the kettle wheezed and sighed.
“I know the feeling. Yes, I do.
Sometimes I get steamed up inside
And boil the silliest things. I do.

“Why, just today some tea was poured
Into my deepest inside part,
And I steamed up with salty tears
And salted tea down in my heart.”

“There, there,” the old stove gently said.
“Now don’t go getting steamed again.
My fires are cold and long since dead,
And sleep’s the thing that eases sin.”


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7 responses to “The Kettle and the Stove

  1. Wonderful!

    “…And boil the silliest things. I do…” i love this line!

    Tom, I do hope you are recovering well after your surgery.


    Christine x

  2. Tom, surgery?! This familiar stranger wishes you well with your recovery!

  3. Get well soon Tom. Love David

  4. Connect with the real
    And with fun and whimsy
    At the same time
    Great advice to children
    And “adults” everywhere too

    (Meanwhile, all my best wishes go with you.
    But then I think you already know and feel that.)

  5. eremophila

    Much wisdom revealed in these simple lines. Peace to you and Ethel♥

  6. A fun, lyrical poem, Thomas – I still hope you put all of your children’s poems into a book someday!

  7. Julie Catherine

    Thomas, I love all your children’s poems (and all your other ones, too)! Sending you many healing thoughts and prayers; and keeping both you and Ethel in my heart. Love and hugs from Julie xoxox

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