Where the Deer Were

a photograph by Ethel Mortenson Davis

When we visited Cedaredge, Colorado, taking Tom’s mother with us, the motel we stayed in was filled with hunters. They got up before dawn to go out on Grand Mesa to hunt, but later on in the day we went for a drive in the area around Cedaredge and found fields full of deer close to houses where they would be safe.


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5 responses to “Where the Deer Were

  1. Sometimes I have to think too many human beings are just plain nuts…

  2. I agree with Lindy Lee – how can anyone kill such beautiful creatures. (And for that matter, those not so beautiful also….)

  3. Anna Mark

    Wow. Wildlife experts, or scientists on the evolution of animal behaviour, should study this phenomenon. How have they come to know that houses = safety? Fascinating and disturbing.

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