by Ethel Mortenson Davis

A memory
of rain
in a night
the wind filled
and spread the sky

upon us
through us,

on sounds
little known

as feet
of deer,

a rain
between us,

two voices
almost heard
the wind.


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12 responses to “Memory

  1. A living moving onenes
    And at last

  2. Memories of rain while camping in the forest in summer–what a blessing–what succour for the soul!

  3. Caddo Veil

    Wow–stunning in such a quiet way.

  4. Delicately beautiful, Ethel – made me hold my breath! (Just a note of synchronicity: while reading your poem a Celine Dion song I’ve never heard before came on the radio and she’s singing about the rain – “let the rain come down”….)

  5. This piece is beautifully crafted. I love it! 🙂

  6. These words are powerful–
    “a rain
    between us,”

  7. Anna Mark

    Ethel, reading this poem is much like the experience one might have while standing in the rain itself. With each drop we become more and more drenched…

  8. I rather like the way the words seem to fall down the page, and on the ear, as rain itself.
    Interesting, Ethel, that your poem is entitled “Memory” – not, eg, rain. That gives a the piece a distinct emphasis that otherwise wouldn’t be there.

  9. Julie Catherine

    Wow, Ethel. Wow. This poem took my breath away. Two lines stand out especially for me with their sheer power – their depth of emotion and beauty: “a rain upon us and through us,” and “a rain falling between us,” …… this is absolutely stunning. I love it. ~ Julie xox

  10. A moving imagery. Beautiful.

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