Fancy Dancer

a pastel drawing by Ethel Mortenson Davis


Filed under Art, Ethel Mortenson Davis, Photography

10 responses to “Fancy Dancer

  1. Often things I like really frustrate me — there are not words that will best repress my like, so I will just say, “Thanks for sharing.”

  2. Motion of the dance captured so wonderfully!!

  3. Ethel, I have not said this lately, but I love both your art and poetry! You are wonderful!

  4. Hi Ethel, It seems to me that in this drawing, you have depicted the power of dance to transport the dancer into another state of being.

  5. Selena Howard

    Gorgeous command of colors . The dancers spirit leaps off the canvas , Your vision in both writing and art are ones to be emulated

  6. Amazing! there is great motion in your work

  7. tumultuous and loving. this is beautiful and inspiring.

  8. Julie Catherine

    Ethel, I love, LOVE this! The vibrancy, movement and color variations in this pastel are absolutely awesome – beautiful art. ~ Julie xox

  9. Patricia Fennell

    Beautiful Movement, color, drawing…the whole feeling of the dancer . Love Pat

  10. Such movement and vibrancy! Wonderful.

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