The Way of Bees

by Ethel Mortenson Davis

She did not know
about the way of bees
until the full moon
had woken her up
and moved her through
the quiet house,
halfway lit-up
by silver dust,
to the outside door.

Barefoot, she headed
through the gate
to the western trail
where cool, velvet dust
squeezed through her toes.

She decided to check
the apple blossoms
and was surprised to see
bees, at night, collecting nectar.
Beside the swollen creek,
honey-suckle branches
were laden with bees.

She did not know
about the way of bees
until the moon tapped
on her window,
calling her name.

copyright © 2011, White Ermine Across Her Shoulders


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17 responses to “The Way of Bees

  1. This is so beautiful I hope that there is no sting in the tail 😉 x

  2. dfb

    Lovely story, a tale full of wisdom and interaction between species and nature.

  3. Beautiful Ethel, I have a thing with bees and am with you all the way. Love David

  4. Caddo Veil

    Oh, wow, Ethel–you just draw me right into the scene so quietly, I feel like I have to type in whispers. Excellent. God bless you today, and always.

  5. Oona Hays

    I can feel the buzzing plentifulness through this poem. I particularly love:
    Beside the swollen creek,
    honey-suckle branches
    were laden with bees

    Wonderful poem!

  6. Magical, to be awakened by moolit flooding your bedroom window, going outside, finding bees busy with nectar gathering on the apple blossoms–Thank you so very much for sharing this. Liltingly written, it just flows.

  7. Bees by the light of the full moon – another great poem, Ethel!

  8. Beautiful and delightful! This poem pulls me right in to enjoy!

  9. How absolutely wonderful!

  10. Beautiful.

    A gentle parable to remind us of the possibilities which exist when we are awake enough, aware enough to hear the moon when it taps on the window.

    It has been tapping on mine recently


  11. This is pure nectar Ethel, just so pure.


  12. There is a beautiful, mysterious something about bees. My husband keeps them, and though I know a bit about it, it is still more magical than fact. Lovely piece.

  13. I agree – this is mysterious, beautiful. A surprising little anecdote too, to someone like me who also does not know about the way of bees.

  14. Such a lovely poem, it took my breath away.

  15. Your peace nature and deep connection with your surroundings always shines through your writing and calls to me, Ethel.

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