Inside the Museum Beside the Lake

Photograph by Sonja Bingen

The Milwaukee Art Museum in Wisconsin is a magnificent work of art. Quadracci Pavilion is a sculptural, postmodern addition designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. A moveable sunscreen, with a 217-foot wingspan, unfolds and folds twice daily, soaring above Lake Michigan in the afternoon sun like a huge sail ready to take off on a journey without end. Ethel Mortenson Davis is walking with Joey, our autistic grandchild, while William, the artist, is by the window in this room dappled with sun and shadow, looking out at shining lake waters.


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12 responses to “Inside the Museum Beside the Lake

  1. Beautiful, it looks like looking out from inside the mouth of a whale. xxx

  2. Amazing. They look as if they are walking slowly through shallow water.

  3. “Awesome” is not a word I favour but it’s one I “feel” here


  4. I love the way the sun reflects onto the floor in patterns. I heart museums~

  5. Caddo Veil

    Isn’t this so lovely! Marvelous–wish I could be there, too. Happy Valentine’s Day, and God bless you–Caddo

  6. What impressive architecture, and I love how it looks out over Lake Michigan! (What Willow said – it does appear we’re looking out through the mouth of a whale.) Great memories for your grandchildren to see such a structure!

  7. Bless Ethel for walking Joey more and more into the light. Bless YOU for sharing the wonder of this amazingly designed new museum. How fitting to join the works of man with the works of God, the light and the lake, in this way, lofting our minds and spirits up high in the bargain. Wishing many blessings on Joey, especially.

  8. Awe, going through the blogroll, saw lead in photo, and knew you had to be in Milwaukee. I love that wing (pun intended) and the glass sculpture, better than the art within the museum. So, so lovely…thanks for the smile ~

  9. Scriptor Obscura

    Simply gorgeous. I love this.

  10. What a wonderful looking place. Invites the imagination to soar.

  11. “…shines with sun and lake waters”, finely phrased prosody…

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