Under the Tail of the Milky Way Galaxy Published!

Four Windows Press has just published Ethel Mortenson Davis’s new book, Under the Tail of the Milky Way Galaxy.


This is Ethel’s fifth book of poetry and has all of the poems she has written since moving to Wisconsin from New Mexico.

John Looker, one of the world’s finest poets, The Human Hive, wrote from Great Britain that “Here is a harvest of finely-judged lyrical poems that express a joy in the natural world.  Carefully observed and beautifully expressed, they are not just nature poems however.  Ethel Mortenson Davis has a deep reverence for nature, coupled with a sadness at humankind’s frequent indifference.”

Standing Feather, whose book, The Glowing Pink, has recently been published by Four Windows Press, said in his review that “There is something profoundly spiritual and tragically elusive in our understanding of the vast wilderness.  In Under the Tail of the Milky Way Galaxy, Ethel Mortenson Davis shows us how to connect deeply with the sacred spiral and reminds us that compassion is the fragrant essence that draws light into the darkness of human desire and elevates us to the edge of grand possibility.”

We’re hoping that those who love elegant, finely crafted imagistic poetry will pick up a copy at amazon.com or from the Galleria Carnaval in El Morro, New Mexico, www.galleriacarnaval.com.  This is a book that continues the fine tradition of publishing quality poetry and fiction pursued by Four Windows Press.



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9 responses to “Under the Tail of the Milky Way Galaxy Published!

  1. Congratulations, Ethel! I’ll be ordering a copy – can’t wait to read it.

  2. Good news. Gosh, aren’t you both keeping busy! I have checked but Amazon doesn’t have it in stock. 😦

    • Could you try again, Ben? The file had a small problem that I fixed, so it should be up now? How are you and your family doing?

      • Amazon now has it on sale, though I have purchased a copy at Wordery. As for family news; I am planning to e-mail you and Betty (Hayes Albright) later today all being well. Which it isn’t,

  3. Well done Four Windows Press and congratulations Ethel! So pleased to see your book is now out, and I was honoured to be invited to contribute an introduction.

  4. Just received my copy of your book, Ethel – and as expected, it’s wonderful!

  5. Ethel, I think you know that my wife and I read a poem or two most mornings with our coffee. Today my wife picked a couple of poems again from your book. They are fine poems, sensitive and moving, and we both commented on that. I thought you might like to know. Best wishes, John

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