Bards and Brew Tonight!

I just got an email from Ralph Murre, a former Door County Poet Laureate who is a classic poet!, reminding me that I will be one of two featured poets at Starboard Brewing, 151 N. 3rd, in downtown Sturgeon Bay this evening. Starboard Brewing is famous around here for its craft beers. I hope those in this area can attend this event. It tends to be something else.

Chuck Sully will be the other featured poet with his poetry about sailing and wild waters. There will also be an open mike. There tends to be quite an audience.


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12 responses to “Bards and Brew Tonight!

  1. Hoping you have a great evening, Tom. I should have been very happy to watch you perform, to share some of these vaunted beers with you and perhaps take a turn at the mic myself.

  2. I would love to attend, maybe one of these days.

  3. O, I would love to see you there, Ben Naga. O would that be a special special evening.

  4. I’d love to see you by the big lakes, Kenne. You would give a great reading. By the way, we’re missing the high desert so much that we bought a small trailer in order to spend part of the winter in the Zuni Mountains.

  5. Did you enjoy it Tom? And what did you read in the end? 😊

    • It was different, John. I talked about your poetry briefly, by the way, during the presentation. I did a reading at a wine bar during the Green Bay Untitled Town Book Festival and had, I would estimate, an audience of up to a couple of hundred people. It was packed, but everyone there was there for the presentations. This was a different venue. It had lots of tourists present on the 3rd of July and a small audience of poets and those who were there for the poetry. During the open mic presentations there was a lot of noise. I used my big voice to quiet the bar down. The poetry gang loved it, although Ethel thought I was way to boisterous and loud. Still, it was a good night from my perspective.
      I read the first chapter from The Weirding Storm, telling everyone that Deborah Bennison is a great editor and that I hoped they all had the privilege of having an editor that good someday. Then I read “Word Fest,” a poem that allowed me to get really wild.

      • Sounds like an exhilarating evening Tom, and clearly there are occasions when a big voice is needed and welcome! Thanks for mentioning Deborah Bennison and me – that was very generous of you.
        Finally, if I’m not too late, Happy Independence Day (that’s odd coming from a Brit isn’t it!)

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