OtherWorld’s Bookstore Display

A new bookstore has opened on Third Avenue in Sturgeon Bay! We used to have two bookstores, but they have closed. Now Margaret Magle has opened a new bookstore on Third Avenue downtown. She is, right now, featuring books by Ethel Mortenson and Thomas Davis. We are hoping both tourists and local folks visit the store at 41 N. Third Avenue since we are hoping Margaret succeeds in her new endeavor.



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6 responses to “OtherWorld’s Bookstore Display

  1. How wonderful! Wish I could travel to Wisconsin and see this display of your books in person. And how great to have a real bookstore in your city!

  2. Reblogged this on Seasonings and commented:
    I’ve read several of these wonderful books by Thomas and Ethel Davis. Congratulations to them for having this display in their local bookstore!

  3. Congratulations to you both, and I wish you great success in sales!

  4. This is obviously ancient news by now. I am still in the process of picking up threads I dropped a few months back before (my) Margaret’s death. I hope Margaret (Magle)’s venture is proving a success and also introducing many new readers to your work and Ethel’s. I often picture you working industrially away at your new book, Tom. 😉 I have even had a piece of good fortune of my own. “Flight Of Fancy” is to be featured in the latest issue of our local magazine’s “Poets Out Loud” column. You can read it at https://bennaga.wordpress.com/2018/10/03/flight-of-fancy-3/

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