Indra’s Net a Success!

I am hoping that The Weirding Storm, A Dragon Epic, takes off in sales.  It is selling slowly, but Indra’s Net, which Ethel and I both have poems in, is already a huge success.  It is published by Bennison Books, the same publisher that published The Weirding Storm in Great Britain, and currently it is number 1 in sales on in the poetry anthology category.  Deborah Bennison is a great editor!  Her book featuring poets from all over the world is obviously a huge success!


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5 responses to “Indra’s Net a Success!

  1. Great news about Indra’s Net! Hopefully it’ll indirectly lead to more sales of your book, Thomas. (Which reminds me – even though I read your amazing dragon series back when you were posting them, I still have meant to buy a copy. Will do so this week!)

  2. I celebrate the fact that you have a poem in the anthology, You deserve to be recognized for what you have accomplished as a poet. I hope you like The Weirding Storm. It is much more polished than it was on the blog.

  3. Good to learn that a poetry collection is selling so well. A rare treat.

  4. I have a feeling that your book is going to grow its readership steadily and surely Tom, and that it will be much loved.

  5. Ah, may you be right John. But I am proud of Indra’s Net.

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