The Weirding Storm is Published!

The Weirding Storm, A Dragon Epic has been published by Bennison Books. It is now available at

The U.S. Amazon address is:

The address for Bennison Books, a UK publisher, is:

I am hoping that anyone who purchases the book from Amazon, either U.S. or U.K. Amazon, will also review the book.  That helps publicize it in the amazon universe.

I am really excited about this publication.  Bennison Books publishes some of my favorite poets and to be part of their stable with one of the best books I have ever written gives me an euphoric feeling.  I hope some of you will be willing to be transported to another world where dragons and humans still co-exist along with witches, warriors, and battles, to paraphrase Terence Winch, one of the U.S.’s greatest poets.


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14 responses to “The Weirding Storm is Published!

  1. Congrats on the book!

  2. eremophila


  3. This is exciting, Thomas. Congratulations!

    • Thanks Betty. I see you have a poem in Indra’s Net by Bennison Books. That’s exciting too. Congratulations to you. You are such a superior poet.

      • Thanks very much Thomas. That’s so nice of you to say.

        I’ve been thinking of you and Ethel today. Tom, my younger son just died suddenly and unexpectedly yesterday. He was just 44. How do you get through this? Nothing as painful as this. Forgive my telling you here on your post but wanted you to know that i now understand the depth of your grief on losing a son.
        Hugs to you both.

      • Betty, I’ve responded to your news via email. I hope I still have the right email address. If not, can you let me know so that I can post it here?

  4. You know that I loved the book in its first form and your editing and revision can only have improved it. I am so glad to see that it has now been accepted by Bennison. Well deserved. I hope you come to to sell many copies and help change the world we live in.

  5. Ben Naga, you provided a valuable service to me when The Weirding Storm was still in its infancy by helping me make sure all of the dragon’s names were handled correctly. Some of your other suggestions were will taken too. As soon as I get my order in I’ll be sending you a copy since I acknowledged your contribution in the Acknowledgments. It should be on its way as early as late next week.

  6. Congratulations Tom – I’ve had the privilege of reading your book in draft but I shall order myself a copy to keep. All the best, John

    • John, I’ll be sending you a copy when I get one. I really appreciated your forward. Thanks so much. You are a great poet. I’m hoping to buy another one of your books one of these days.

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