In the Time of the Black Snake

by Thomas Davis
an irrelgular sonnet

The buffalo come stomping, snorting, blowing.
The blizzard howls like old men throwing fits
Of rage against the way their bones are creaking
Into another year, arthritis stirring
Up aches so harsh their anger steals their wits.

Snow crusts on dark hides, slows their stamping, singing
Until the universe becomes a song
Protesting how long drills drill into earth,
Into the heart of who the peoples long
To be inside the spirit of their birth,
Inside the breaths that make them who they are,
A being on the earth made from the star-
Stuff spun into the dance against the snake,
The warriors singing as they stomp and shake.


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8 responses to “In the Time of the Black Snake

  1. Wonderful sonnet, Thomas. I resonate with it all and especially love the line “to be inside the spirit of their birth”…
    Enjoyed this very much!

    • Thanks you, Betty. I’ve been working hard on The Weirding Storm, so haven’t been commenting much lately. Between that and work at Navajo Technical University I am really busy, but will be back, I hope, soon.

      • Thanks for the reply, Thomas. It’s good to hear from you, and I know how busy you are. Glad The Wearding Storm is coming along. Do you have a date of publication?

        Will look forward to when you are “back”! ☺


    A righteous rage bursts forth; a mighty roar
    Too long coiled within its egg incubating
    Sets the skies alight with livid lightning:
    “No! No more! Dragon seed, prepare for war!”
    A vile canker festers from shore to shore
    Views land, people just there for ravishing.
    Yet no amount of pillaging and killing
    Will ever quieten this bellowing maw.

    Leaves sore ears ringing, deaf to any reasoning.
    Comes now a settling of accounts: a day of reckoning
    For Mother Earth has suffered far too long.
    Her newly risen son sings the dragon song
    His voice rings out from shore to sea-swept shore
    “No! No more! Dragon seed, prepare for war!”

  3. I hope The Weirding Storm is coming along well, Tom.

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