New Publications

Ethel and I have both had new publications. Ethel just appeared in the Blue Heron Review with her poem, “Laborer”. You can see the poem in this wonderful online publication at

I just had a sonnet published by Bramble Lit Magazine online. “An Elder’s Prayer” can be found here: Ethel had one of her best poems in the last issue of Bramble, “Love Song” that was announced earlier in It is being published by the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets and is a really exciting development.

“An Elder’s Prayer” is part of a sonnet cycle that I am working on about the water keepers at Standing Rock in North Dakota.

My new book, The Weirding, A Dragon Epic, is still in the process of being published by Bennison Books in Britain. I really hope some of our readers will consider reading books by other fine Bennison authors.

Both Ethel and I have also been notified that we will have poems in a new anthology, Indra’s Net that Bennison Books is putting together. Ethel will have three poems in the anthology. I will have two poems.


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7 responses to “New Publications

  1. Wonderful and I wish you every success.. 🙂 to both of you.. ❤ Love and Blessings

  2. ajmark

    Wonderful accomplishments for two very talented writers : )

  3. Busy busy busy. Congratulation to you both.

  4. Congratulations both of you. You have a lot happening! And I enjoyed both those poems.

  5. Off to read the poems now. Congratulations to both of you on all your recent publications! (I’ll be there with you in Indra’s Net with two poems. Alas, I wish that Cynthia Jobin was still with us to see the final publication which will bear her title suggestion. Am still missing her, as I’m sure you are too.)

  6. Just read both poems – wonderful! Congratulations once again. (And Thomas, fun to see the photo of you.)

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