Men Have Had Their Way With Her

by Ethel Mortenson Davis

It’s been too long
since we last talked.
I must tell you
that men have had
their way with her.

She is hurt and sick,
but keeps giving us gifts,
ignoring their torture
and disrespect.

Today she surprises us
with the white hares.
They hop over each other
making giggling sounds,
laughing at the prairie grasses.

She gives the spring rain
that coaxes green buds.
Soon we will plant
tomato and egg plants.

She gives us seeds to sprout,
not darkness, nor pain,
nor death.


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11 responses to “Men Have Had Their Way With Her

  1. This is most effective Ethel. Of course the title, as you must have intended, sent my imagination along a blind alley to start, but then I saw exactly why you chose it and how appropriate it is.

  2. To cry with joy or weep with shame, that’s the question.

    Lovely images and powerful heartwrenching thoughts

  3. My favorite topic, Ethel – one dear to my heart (which breaks a little more each day, reading the news). You’ve written this with beauty, love and wisdom, as you always do. And the title is perfect.

  4. You are too kind. Hope your health and spirit can thrive even in America’s lost way. Love Ethel

  5. Wayne J Stein

    Wonderful!!! Painfully to the point and uplifting. Keep thinking and working my friend.
    Wayne J.

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