Tall Ships in Sturgeon Bay

IMG_0306The day was so hot and humid that you could hardly breathe when the tall ships came into Sturgeon Bay via the canal that links the bay to Lake Michigan. To get to the canal I had to walk down a dusty dirt road for awhile because of the number of other people who wanted to see the ships come into the docks. Then you walk through a meadow owned by the Nature Conservancy to where a concrete wall and a walk provides a wonderful place to view the canal first proposed in 1870. From there you can see the ships coming and going.



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3 responses to “Tall Ships in Sturgeon Bay

  1. Such beautiful ships! And how lucky you are to have such a vantage point. When I once went to see the tall ships sail into Boston Harbor, the place was mobbed, and I never could have snapped such an idyllic picture!

    • There were seven ships that we saw, Cynthia, including the Viking ship that was hand carved. Nine ships actually docked in Sturgeon Bay, but one came in earlier than I got out to the remote site, and the other was, I think, delayed. It was beautiful. I had camera problems so I didn’t get as many photos of the ships as I was hoping for.

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