Winter Solstice

by Ethel Mortenson Davis

She rolled
up the mat,
turned out
the lights,
and we are plunged
into darkness.

December is like
living in a cave,
but the earth
will not hear of it,

unfolds her fetal position
in her darkened room
and allows light to emerge
longer in the morning
and afternoon—

Sunlight able
to warm our deepest bones.


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4 responses to “Winter Solstice

  1. Amber Danette


  2. December is indeed like living in a cave… but your last lines reassure that after the winter solstice the sun will once again begin to warm our “deepest bones”. Lovely poem, Ethel.

  3. I think Betty has covered what I want to say. 🙂

    Have a rewarding 2015, Ethel, and keep feeding us with your life-affirming poetry.

  4. After the Big sleep…. We anticipate the warmth days of Spring as the Sun does indeed warm our bones..

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