Pere Lachaise Cemetery

a photograph by Alazanto, Kevin Davis, our son

Père Lachaise Cemetery November 15, 2009


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4 responses to “Pere Lachaise Cemetery

  1. Nice piece of photography. “The stairway to Heaven”?

  2. I know the Père Lachaise cemetery. This picture certainly captures the mysterious atmosphere well. I imagine that your son had a wonderful time there with his camera.

  3. This was taken not long before Kevin died. He was not well, though he was denying that he was sick as he was, and the doctors were misdiagnosing what he had, but some of his most memorable photographs were taken in Paris at that time. Perhaps it was his stairway to Heaven, Ben, and I think he did have a wonderful time there with his camera, John.

  4. This is a beautiful picture representing journey. So atmospheric.

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