Tree at Sunset

by Alazanto, Kevin Michael Davis, our son

Tree at Sunset


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5 responses to “Tree at Sunset

  1. Perfect — it talks to me.

  2. The silhouette of this tree spread so perfectly against the colors of the sunset-sky is breathtaking!

  3. A notice that I set long ago just popped up on my laptop: today is Kevin’s 32nd birthday. I worked very closely with Kevin while he was down in Minneapolis, and I’m sorry that I can’t just jump over to Facebook and wish him a happy birthday directly.

    So I leave this comment here, where you will find it, and know that Kevin is missed.

    • Andrew, I hope you see this. I don’t think Ethel and I ever met you, but this small note is so appreciated I cannot even begin to express the depth of that emotion to you. Kevin was such a special person. He had unbelievable technical and artistic talents and had a depth to him that was a joy to his parents. The day of his birthday is always a quiet one to Ethel and I. I suppose we don’t know what to do with ourselves on that day, although, looking through photos and posting one of his photos that has already been posted here is important to us. I wrote so many sonnets trying to come to grips that he was dying and that he died, and you do go on with life after you feel a deep numbness, but you never forget. Thank you so much for remembering.

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