So Small

Note: Our big move from Continental Divide, New Mexico to Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin is finally complete. We drove over 1,200 miles with our two dogs, Pax and Juneau, and the moving truck showed up, and we are a long way toward removing everything from boxes. Sturgeon Bay is beautiful, located on a peninsula that juts out into Lake Michigan. Our daughters, Sonja and Mary, their husbands, Bill and Rick, and three of our grandchildren, Phoebe, Will, and Joey, were on hand to greet and help us. Without their help we would still be struggling along rather than comfortably situated. We are located less than two blocks from the bay of Sturgeon Bay and a couple of miles from Green Bay, the bay that stretches from the Lake, past Sturgeon Bay, to the famous city of the famous football team. Right now Canadian geese are flying over the house during all the hours of daylight, and, when it is not raining, sun shines on the dark blue of lake waters and waves. Tom and Ethel

by Ethel Mortenson Davis

At night
with wildrose eyes,
climbs down
her ladder
of matchstick rungs
she disappears
the trees,
the horizon,
the earth.

So small she seems.
But in reality
she is so large,
the distance between
the stars
so great.

I wonder,
when we start
travelling between stars,
and we look back at the earth,
If we will have regrets?”

Like the mother fox
this morning who doubled
back across the highway
to check if her dead young
were still alive.

Will we regret not
taking care of each other?


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11 responses to “So Small

  1. So glad to learn your move is (almost) successfully made. So glad also to resume reading your poetry. This is a fine one, Ethel. Gentle, but with a bite. beautifully judged You were missed, though I guessed what was probably going on.

  2. Happy home coming, looking forward to the same experience but crossing the watery divide between Spain and England. Love and blessings, David

  3. So pleased you had a smooth move. It truly sounds worth the effort!

    And this is a beautiful poem: we must always look after each other 🙂

  4. What a beautiful location you have found! And your poem is thoughtful and thought provoking. That fox!

  5. kenneturner

    Sorry to see you have left the great southwest. Your new location is nice, but not the winters and the long winter nights.

  6. Thomas and Ethel, it’s so good to know you’ve completed your move and can now relax, taking your time to settle in. It sounds like you’re in a beautiful spot, and no doubt it’ll inspire more and more poetry – and photos! Looking forward to them.
    Glad you have time to post on WP again – you’ve been missed.

  7. I am so pleased for you both that the move has worked out so well.

    May your new home be a place of contentment.


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