A Country of Stones

by Ethel Mortenson Davis

It is a country of stones—

All you have to do,
when you walk,
is look down,
and there are
the most interesting stones.

All kinds, colors
and strenghs.

Looking down today
I saw petrified wood.

It is a land
more about itself
and less about humans,
it’s vastness

The animals,
with adept feet,
steal away
where people never see,

a private land,
so much undiscovered.


Filed under Ethel Mortenson Davis, Poetry

5 responses to “A Country of Stones

  1. When a thief meets a saint he sees only his pockets
    When a businessman sees the countryside he sees only a profit

  2. The imagery makes me want to be there right now…in this quiet place with just rock, wood and animal…away from it all. Lovely.

  3. All the universe exists in one stone…

  4. I love the land that is “more about itself and less about humans”. Wonderful poem, Ethel.
    (And I’ve so much catching up to do here! Sorry I’ve not been around lately.)

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