A Day

by Ethel Mortenson Davis

It is a day
when the earth
turns just right,

when fish swim
close to the top
of the Great Lake
to feed on insects or plants,

when black-winged pelicans
dive in and out to fish,

and fishermen gather
in clumps, throwing
out their lines.

It is a day
before the storm,
humid and cloudy,

when the two of you
think of ways to
come together,

as part
of a turning of the universe,

a love that blows
a sweetness over us—

something unexpected.


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6 responses to “A Day

  1. This is just beautiful.

    There is a sense of calm in all your poems Ethel and rhis one is no exception 🙂

    Love Christine x

  2. What Christine said!!


  3. A once , every so often, day!!

  4. Wonderfully atmospheric, Ethel.

  5. Thanks all of you for these comments. Ethel

  6. What a vast sweeping panorama
    Unblinking, the eye at the centre

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