by Ethel Mortenson Davis

All week
the rabbit
came to the fence.

The dogs barked
at first,
then gave up.

The rabbit was
covered in tumors,
one large one covering
the side of his face
with bulging eye.

The last day
it cried in pain.

One of the dogs
went over the fence
and snapped it’s neck,

it’s message to us


Filed under Ethel Mortenson Davis, Poetry

8 responses to “Rabbit

  1. Strong stuff. Powerful image and powerful closing lines. Most effective.

  2. Brilliantly written, painful, harsh.

  3. I find I easily love dogs. People … not so much.

  4. Julie Catherine

    Ethel, a powerful message here … nature, and animals usually know what to do to take care of things, and do it instinctively. I still feel sorry for the bunny though … lol. 🙂

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