La Ventana Arch

photograph by Ethel Mortenson Davis


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11 responses to “La Ventana Arch

  1. Scriptor Obscura

    La ventana means “the window” in Spanish…and now I can see why this is called La Ventana Arch. Such a fitting name for such an awesome natural formation…It makes you really marvel at nature…Wow…Beautiful photo!

  2. . . . beautiful site! I remember the first time I visited the area. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Caddo Veil

    Wow, look at this! Such strength in all the angles–and beautiful light.

  4. Wow, this is beautiful! You should submit it for Canon’s Project Imaginat10n:

  5. Beautiful and majestic, especially with that shaft of sunlight!

  6. Julie Catherine

    Ethel, this is a gorgeous photo – I’d love to walk through this area …. 🙂

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