by Ethel Mortenson Davis

We saw
from the drought,
crying in the desert.

I remember…
As little girls
we leaned close
to listen
to the tallest
of us
as she said,

“I know how the world will end…

Man will destroy himself.”


Filed under Ethel Mortenson Davis, Poetry

8 responses to “Jays

  1. Much to ponder here,Ethel, as we cause our own droughts and harm to such innocents as those jays!

  2. Careening on our way towards it…

  3. Julie Catherine

    Ethel, the stark truth in this poem is enough to make me weep … really strong imagery that you’ve captured here. ~ Julie xox

  4. “Man will destroy himself.”

    But we refuse to join in the madness. Your poem is a part of this refusal, and our grief at the results of the ignorance.

  5. So powerful in its truth … and Jays are so proud and strong when they are healthy … if the strongest amongst us struggle to survive, what does that say for the weakest? Unfortunately, as man destroys himself so he destroys the very world that wanted only to coexist with him.

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