And the Clouds Brought No Rain

a photo essay by Sonja Bingen


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15 responses to “And the Clouds Brought No Rain

  1. Great title providing a counter-intuitive point.

  2. . . . same image here in Tucson — clouds, no rain.

  3. Great shots! That first one just gives me chills – been a long time since I’ve seen clouds like that.

  4. Caddo Veil

    These are exquisite. And I continue praying for rain! God bless y’all–love, Caddo

  5. Anna Mark

    Those clouds are gorgeous, oceanic! I’m surprised it didn’t rain. They seem so promising ; )

  6. Dramatic photos! Normally I would say that cloud formations have a certain beauty, but when they taunt the dry earth with no relief of rain, they would be beyond frustrating. Again, I’m wishing we could send you some of our wet weather from the northwest!

  7. Lovely, sure seems we will be blessed by rain today, here by Lake Michigan in Wisconsin. Thank you, Ellen

  8. Is it fire alarm dry in New Mexico?

    • It is beyond fire alarm dry, Lindy. Fires are burning homes and thousands and thousands of acres of beautiful forest land. These photos were taken by Sonja is Wisconsin, though, which is almost as dry.

  9. What a magnificent cloudscape. It is so frustrating in drought conditions when great black clouds loom overhead and then drift on refusing to release their bounty. The skies are happily releasing their bounty here in Victoria at present. By our standards, it is a colder and wetter winter than usual.

    Our local TV news has been featuring the fires in Colorado in recent days. It is extraordinary the number of homes which have needed to be evacuated.

  10. We’ve had so much rain here recently, it’s hard to see the summer! Love these photo’s – the first one especially.

  11. sonjabingen

    The clouds reminded me of the snow covered mountains. We are on our second day of 104 degrees and no rain still.

  12. This is what we are experiencing right now. So longing for a good all day … a few days … rain!

  13. Perhaps mirroring the dire political climate in Wisconsin?

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