by Ethel Mortenson Davis

I am not a sequins person,
so I cut all the sequins off
the shirt I bought.

It took two hours
because each sequin was
knotted and sewn by hand.
The tag said,
”hand sewn garment.”

It had taken the child,
or young woman,
many hours to complete—
piece-work she had perhaps
taken home to make a few
extra pennies.


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6 responses to “Sequins

  1. Reading this reminded me of the fist time I opened William Carlos Williams. The freshness, the tight relationship of rhythm and line, the feel of “fragment” that blooms into a whole as you take it in. Bravo!

  2. Anna Mark

    Ethel, perhaps you could keep each sequin and pass it on to one of your grandchildren for their treasure box. My daughter has a treasure box for such finds! Good poem.

  3. Ethel, another succinct poem that says so much!
    (I’ve done this too – cut sequins one by one from a skirt, while thinking what a shame, undoing someone’s hard work. But I’m not a sequins person either.)

  4. I love this, Ethel–and have, perhaps, obvious questions that I won’t ask. So sorry I’ve been absent–I’m trying to learn to negotiate a less hazardous/aggravating road to visit my fave blogs in order to comment/communicate with my fave people. Despite my usual perky spirit, I’m an old dog–and do not appreciate having to learn new tricks… Will email y’all later. God bless you abundantly–love, Caddo

  5. Julie Catherine

    Love this poem, Ethel, it really makes one think ….

  6. I love the awareness in this, Ethel…the simplicity of an action that understands that nothing we do is isolated–an honest poem about the connectedness of the world.

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