Into Glory

a photo essay by Sonja Bingen, our daughter


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6 responses to “Into Glory

  1. sandy

    Simply beautiful!

  2. lovely! The sequence follows what I call inner form: in the first, we’re “introduced” and follow the path together; then we sense the depth of space and time (it’s getting a bit late); then we come to the “source” or goal, the source “immanent” in its doubled image; then we look up and see the true source of the image. What I’ve discovered in my exploration of inner form is that if a sequence (of images or words) is “easy” to read and follow, then that’s probably because it follows inner form, which is the template for following in mindfulness. I know this sounds like gibberish and some people will react. I’m just explaining my very positive response to this lovely piece of work.

    • Tom, I’m still working on this, but I think I sort of get it. I’ve got to get to your site and its essays, but I’m on a work jag right now with lots of deadlines. Maybe this evening. Tom

  3. Julie Catherine

    Lovely photos, Sonja! 🙂

  4. Young boy goes on long trail through the woods of life…

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