Tassel at Opera Garnier

A photograph taken in Paris, France by Alazanto, Kevin Davis, our son


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8 responses to “Tassel at Opera Garnier

  1. Caddo Veil

    Love that glow of light!

  2. Anna Mark

    Beautiful light and colour!

  3. Scriptor Obscura

    Wow. Such a richly evocative photo…The colors…the light…

  4. Sun-warmed and golden – just beautiful!

  5. I feel as though I had just taken my seat at this opera house. That is how powerful this side-light tassle photo is of your dear Kevin’s!

  6. ~just love when the light touches an object like that. especially in Paris! beautiful shot!

  7. This is one of my favorite photographs that you’ve posted of Kevin’s. I love when ‘little’ details make a scene so much richer and meaningful…and here Kevin evoked the atmosphere, the drama, the whole experience of the opera with his focus on these light gilded tassels!

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