by Ethel Mortenson Davis

She had missed
the elk and rabbit
this morning.

She didn’t see
the grasses parted
where a trail
was apparent,
where rabbit brush
was trampled down
from the great bodies of elk.

But they watched her
as she walked by.

She unaware,
this morning,
of their presence.

© 2010 I Sleep Between the Moons of New Mexico


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9 responses to “Presence

  1. jeglatter

    🙂 Love this to think of all I may be missing…of all there is yet to notice. So beautiful. -Jennifer

  2. Scriptor Obscura

    I agree with Jennifer. So, so beautiful. What a lovely poem this is.

  3. Lovely poem about walking right past so much of the natural world during our day’s journeys!

  4. I love that the narrator acknowledges the presence of the unseen beauty. Another wonderful poem Ethel.

  5. Caddo Veil

    Replying to Thomas’ question re issues with emails (comments on comments on comments)–I really can’t help you, I thought maybe I had it licked but it’s about to put me in the loony bin. During a very bleak moment last night, I considered deleting my blog–which is always a possibility. Apparently no one is consulting WordPress Support, or is not sharing their response (which I doubt–I suspect we have a global lack of faith in their responsiveness). All I can say is, Keep the “Other” Faith! I did attempt to come over here and catch up, remedy my absenteeism–have I missed something specific?

  6. Both subtle and powerful: earth’s creatures watch us quietly, as we walk right on by, unobservant. With “civilization” comes loss of our natural instincts. Another lovely and meaningful poem, Ethel!

  7. Anna Mark

    I am so vividly aware of the elk and the rabbit in this poem, their presence is so accepting of, and peaceful toward, whomever and whatever walks by. In this poem, I am their eyes watching the woman walk by and I wonder what preoccupies her enough to miss the signs around her, the wildlife…this morning.

  8. It’s is wonderful to acknowledge the beauty we see but all the more special to realize all that is unseen, that watches us and blesses us even as we aren’t aware. Another exquisite poem, Ethel! Thank you!

  9. Sometimes we miss the big ones & the little ones…

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