Storm Clouds Over the High Desert

a photograph by Ethel Mortenson Davis


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8 responses to “Storm Clouds Over the High Desert

  1. Forboding! A sign of what is to come…

  2. Ethel, an interesting photo! It would be amazing to live where you can see that wide horizon – and the storm clouds coming. (We’re surrounded by trees and hills here – which I like. But sometimes I’d love to have that perspective of the wide openness of land and sky!)

  3. eremophila

    I’m a desert lover, even though I currently live far from that environment. This image revives my longing to experience a high desert……through all it’s seasons…..

  4. Caddo Veil

    Oh wow, Ethel–this is powerful–you can hear it, smell it, feel it coming!

  5. fivereflections

    totally beautiful – something i want to see in again!
    David in Maine USA

  6. Familiar sight – recently drove from Dallas to Reno, to LA, back to Dallas. Hard not to stop and shoot – Beautiful Landscape!

  7. These times of approaching storms over the high desert in New Mexico are truly a part of the Land of Enchantment,Ethel! Wonderful how one can see the storm over 80 miles away out there! This brings back many dear memories. Thank you.

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