Weather Upside Down, a photo essay

Snow came to Continental Divide yesterday and last night. Sometimes it was so thick you could not see the Zuni Mountains out the back window.

Ethel Mortenson Davis’s photograph of flowers blooming as snow fell

Up north in Wisconsin, where Sonja Bingen lives, spring is bursting with intensity.

Sonja Bingen’s photographs

Is the north becoming the south?


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13 responses to “Weather Upside Down, a photo essay

  1. Nice! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Caddo Veil

    Oh these are So SO Beautiful!! God bless you muchly today.

  3. Ina

    Lovely pictures! I love the pink blossom in Spring, that is yet to come here. We have the blue flowers too now, too early for poppies. 🙂

  4. Spring is captured beautifully here

  5. Scriptor Obscura

    Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! 😀

  6. fivereflections

    Hello Spring colors – beautiful!
    David in Maine USA

  7. Love this…especially the grape hyacinths growing–or seeming too-out of the slightly snowy dead wood.

  8. Very mixed up weather this year, for sure. Sonja’s photographs make me feel present at the beginning of the world, back in the Garden, you know?

  9. Not sure, but if the water in the toilet bowl starts rotating the other direction, I’ll know something’s up. 🙂

    • The scientists are not sure, but there seems to be a magnetic reversal coming where compasses will point north when it’s the current south. I wonder what will happen to the water in the toilet bowl when that really happens? Maybe after our lifetimes, maybe not.

  10. Of course beautiful images you made.

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