Two Watchers

a photograph by Sonja Bingen

Between Gallup, New Mexico and Continental Divide is a place known as Red Rocks Park. Here red sandstone rises into blue skies spring, summer, winter, and fall, looking out at the land with the almost-not-moving patience of cliffs and earth.


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10 responses to “Two Watchers

  1. Ina

    What a wonderful impressive landscape! And photo too 🙂

  2. Caddo Veil

    This may be my new fave photo, folks!! Beautiful–and I can really feel the spirit of the watchers!!

  3. Julie Catherine

    This is beautiful and utterly majestic!

  4. To repeat what others have said – majestic, impressive and beautiful! Seeing them in person must fill a person with complete awe.

  5. Those are spectacular!!! Now I want to go there in person!!

  6. What a great and ancient presence looking out over the land!

  7. What a fabulous photograph by Sonja–and what a fabulous concept to call this one “Two Watchers”–like guardian spirits sent long ago to care for all passersby! Wonderful area near Gallup with which I am familiar. Thank you for sharing this wonder with us.

  8. Great picture! I’ve seen those many times going back and forth between AZ and New England.

  9. How forbearing they must be.

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