By Ethel Mortenson Davis

I have been a soliloquy
upon the landscape–
A letter on the horizon’s poem.

I have been accustomed
to aloneness.
We travel well
She has been with me
when I searched
the deep forest
as a child
now in the desert,
allowing me to be
who I am,
learning from the sacred earth—
the poetic ground.

She has made me
like the coral desert blossom
I picked yesterday
and found in my pocket
still fresh, still alive,
still vibrant,
drawing from the deep water
held tightly

© 2010, I Sleep Between the Moons of New Mexico


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25 responses to “Soliloquy

  1. The last stanza is especially lovely. Deep, meaningful, beautiful imagery. With appreciation, Angela

  2. You call forth a calm reflection of your true identity and allow us to share it with you, and therefore ourselves.

  3. A poem of great strength Ethel I feel.

    It is one I could find myself returning to.

    Christine x

  4. I enjoyed reading this so much! Like Christine says, I could definitely return to it many times over.


  5. I love that you’ve made the distincting between “aloneness” and “loneliness” – two very different things. I know the peaceful companionship of aloneness and can relate – this is beautifully written.

  6. Ethel – another beautiful poem – you always draw from the deep water. Thanks for sharing this with us – Kathleen

  7. Beautiful reply. Thank you. Love Ethel

  8. Caddo Veil

    When I read your poetry I hear your voice as whisper-soft, yet possessed of seemingly indomitable strength–“quiet” is not “weakness”. And there is a reverential presence, too–in both your work, and Thomas’, which humbles and moves me–and greatly inspires me (and I do not mean only in my writing). God bless you today.

  9. Ethel, I resonate deeply with this lovely, eloquent poem – the solitude you enjoy, the sacred earth, the poetic ground. This is my new favorite of all your poetry – thank you!

  10. I too “travel well together with aloneness”

    Your poem resonates with me at a very deep level and I feel strengthened just by the very fact of having read it, by the knowledge that it is not only me.


  11. The image of being a letter on the horizon’s poem is wonderful – I would place you as the letter ‘A’ given how wonderful this poem is!

  12. Ina

    This is a very beautiful poem. We are all alone at some point, and this is good. We need to be on our own.

    After a long period of aloneless, not physically so much, but mentally, I can say I am glad it is over though. The other being there for me, is the best thing that ever happend to me.

    I know now I am not alone in how I am and I don’t feel this way now at all. But it made me stronger to find my own way in my aloneless days, that is so. I feel people should not be alone, or felt alone. To me, aloneless and loneliness are much the same. Maybe I need to learn a lot more about life 🙂

  13. That still-fresh desert blossom still drawing on its own reserves of water is just an exquisite metaphor for how WE should be, gathering spiritual refreshment as we go to carry us through those times when caught in strange pockets of our lives!

  14. This is a treasure to me, Ethel! I value solitude so and find such truth in your words…a song I could sing too.

    ‘I have been accustomed
    to aloneness.
    We travel well

    There is such sacredness to be found in solitude, if only we honor it.
    Thank you!

  15. “Aloneness” can be educational, can it not? You have written another philosophical beauty, Ethel…

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