a photograph by Sonja Bingen


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21 responses to “Waterfall

  1. Anna Mark

    The person at the bottom is almost lost…but then, she gives us a grand sense of scale, and is almost lost again. Beautiful. Waterfalls.

    • Anna Mark

      On a personal note to you, Thomas…I have been reading Extrasimile and have just learned of your health news. I just want to wish you and Ethel well and though I pray in a rather different way than I used to, they are lifted for you. And, on another note…I want to tell you that your voice here in WordPress is invaluable. The discussions you inspire and the insight you have when reading poetry is such a gift, a talent and a gift to others, to me. Blessings, my WordPress friend : )

  2. A wonderful portrait of nature’s beauty in its own right; but then the inclusion of a human shows the true majesty of scale, lifting the image to a whole new level. Great photography

  3. Tremendous! The way down is the way up. This radiates the paradox of the
    flesh in the grand scheme of things. It evokes our sense that man is a small but distinguishable part of a larger whole. Instructed by the image, the eye follows the ribbed stone up into the lush forest and then, by the alchemy of light, toward the beyond, the origin of light — a theological and metaxological image of what makes us echo the original “let be”! Thank you!

  4. Such a lovely photograph – the waterfall feels so soft! Beautiful!

  5. Scriptor Obscura

    This is a beautiful photo, where was it taken? I am curious to know.

  6. I looked twice to see the small figure at the bottom! Beautiful scenery.

  7. Caddo Veil

    Ahhhh, this is heaven in a photograph–I LOVE waterfalls!!! Thank you–God bless you abundantly.

  8. An ethereal waterfall – it almost looks like a falling mist as it reaches the bottom. And I agree with others, the inclusion of the person in the picture (giving it scale) makes it even more dramatic. What a beautiful photograph!

  9. Sonja

    Starved Rock, IL

  10. Fine photo; would be nice to be the girl in this picture…

  11. Wow! What an amazing scenery! A great photo too! 🙂

  12. This is stunning!

    How tiny we are.


  13. Oona Hays

    What an incredibly beautiful place, and picture. It’s as though i were standing there.

  14. Where is that… and how do I get there?

  15. The misting fall of water, the peaceful pool, the overhang sheltering the visitor being refreshed–a complete meditation in and of itself is this photograph! Bless you, dear Sonja!

  16. Such a beautiful portrait of the vastness and yet accessibility of nature…and the small yet integral place for mankind in it.

    Thanks for capturing and letting go, Sonja!

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