by Ethel Mortenson Davis

I will take the key
that unlocks you
and peer inside
to see yards and yards
of colorful fabric
on assorted bolts,
some material so thin
air and light comes through,
some so soft and thick
it feels like gray wool
from the long haired mountain sheep.

There I find a memory
from a northern forest
when snow filled up the floor,
and wind blew so strong
we looked for shelter
and found a circle of white cedar
whose branches hung down like loving arms.
Inside the circle
snowflakes were suspended in mid-air
as if in a crystalline hour glass.

And then there was the memory
of the sweetest summer night
in the high desert
when cool breezes played with us
to the tune of dancing hummingbirds
chatting to each other
as the fullest moon came up over the hills:

Two braided ribbons I’ll place around my neck
and wear forever.

© 2010 I Sleep Between the Moons of New Mexico


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10 responses to “Memories

  1. Caddo Veil

    Oh Ethel, this is exquisite!! Your poetry is so visual. I really like the crystalline hour glass, and the last two lines–as well as the locked bolts of fabric. I love your poetry. God bless you today.

  2. Ethel, I love these memories you’ve captured so vividly – the various bolts of fabric, (I’m echoing Caddo here! 🙂 ), that “sweetest summer night”, and those braided ribbons around your neck. Wistfully loving!

  3. “when cool breezes played with us
    to the tune of dancing hummingbirds
    chatting to each other”

    Extraordinary thoughts, my friend. You weave an intricate tapestry of emotion and brilliant metaphors to create an atmosphere so tangible within the lines that I almost smell the faint scent of the wild as I read them. Pure magic

  4. Steven Federle

    What a wonderful expression of love! A truly beautiful poem.

  5. Ina

    This is so beautiful, it makes me see the memories in images and brings all kinds of new energy in my mind, thank you!

  6. I love the thought of “two braided ribbons”, each one of which connects to a particular memory and allows the memory to be recalled whenever it is required.



  7. How very dear to wrap those memories around you in beauty and wear them forever! Blessed are your memories as you write so very beautifully about them. Wonderful ribbons to tie the heartstrings together!

  8. What a beautiful tribute to the unlocking, the fabrics, the peering into and sheltering under, the music and wearing of memories!

  9. What a lovely piece, Ethel.

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