by Ethel Mortenson Davis

and new snow
last night.

Black dog
on white,
two miles
into the woods,
and we see
timber wolf tracks.

Then sister wolf
flashes past us,
a great roaring ball
of white and gray
whose size
dwarfs you,

But we are
not afraid.
Just in awe.

To see a glimpse
of you
is like a gift,
like an eagle
taking off
into the air,
and we are lifted up.

I see a surprise
smile on your face.


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14 responses to “Walk

  1. Awww this poem is sweet 🙂 Truly beautiful.

  2. Wow, quite an experience! The part about the eagle is breathtaking!

  3. A wonderful walk, indeed, and what an experience. The last line is superb!

  4. Wow! what an experience, for both you and the dog! I hope this actually happened. Great poem. Steve

  5. And I am lifted up too, just from reading this

    Thank you


  6. Lovely imagery 🙂 It really brought me a sense of peace and happiness.


  7. Julie Catherine

    “But we are not afraid. Just in awe.” – As I am, Ethel. A wonderful, uplifting poem; I too, wish I had been there to see that. ~ Julie 🙂

  8. What a breathtaking experience – a powerful moment, which you’ve described so beautifully!

  9. Anna Mark

    It’s been a long day, but I’m glad to end it here with poetry. This poem reminds me of an encounter I had as a young girl with a wolf. We stood across from each other. The wolf and I and a river in between. But the memory I have of it is not the river, or even the entire wolf itself, not anything but the memory of holding a wolf in my eyes, something so wild, holding it in my eyes! The wildness in my eyes was terrifying and vivid.

  10. What an exciting moment! I understand that feeling of “we are lifted up” and I like the thought “to see a glimpse of you is like a gift”.

  11. I always feel it is such a gift to enter into the wildness of nature…to know that it is there living as if we don’t exist. A beautiful poem, Ethel, the last lines so perfect!

  12. Your words bridge experience to sensation of being alive and present in the woods. A gift you have.

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