Rabbit Hole

by Ethel Mortenson Davis

I keep a rabbit hole
on my kitchen window sill
so I can jump into it
once in a while:

When people become inhuman,
details from the bloody wars…

or when he came into the room;
his white jacket spoke and said
the tests did not look good.

“The Navajo want me
to have two healing ceremonies
with Mr. Redhouse,”
you said.

in the cool stillness,
I listen to the raging river
sift through the earth
one drop at a time.


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24 responses to “Rabbit Hole

  1. sandy

    A good idea, too.

  2. Caddo Veil

    Ethel, this moves me so much–I have such a visual of the “rabbit hole on the window sill”, though I don’t know if you mean it entirely metaphorically. Nonetheless, I’m thinking of getting one. I wonder if it is “strange” to say that we often love someone in the beauty of their sorrow? God bless you abundantly today, and always.

  3. We all need that rabbit hole!

  4. Elizabeth Herron

    I love this. I gotta get me a rabbit hole.

  5. Your words carry so many emotions and I could have used one of these when 14 mo. old daughter was dying from cancer.Thank you for sharing these parts that so many strive to keep hidden.Healing thoughts and wishes are all I can offer

  6. Anna Mark

    How does a raging river sift through the earth one drop at a time?
    What is a raging river that sifts through the earth one drop at a time?
    I think it is something so powerful that it doesn’t matter whether it is one drop or a deluge.

  7. This is such an honest, brave, moving, heartfelt poem.

    My own rabbit hole leads to the side of the ocean


  8. You are both so brave and beautiful in your writing and openness in expressing your love for your children. Ethel, you have a beautiful eye and gift with words.

  9. Sometimes my rabbit hole turns out to be a magician’s hat. Sometimes the magic tricks you. Sometimes it tricks me. I’m never quite free. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you bless others with your words.

  10. Beautiful, engaging and….real. In writing we find courage and healing. God bless. Thank you for sharing this.

  11. sonjabingen

    All of us need a rabbit hole to jump into once in awhile. This made me cry! You have been so strong mom throughout everything with Kevin and now dad. Hang in there!


  12. Wonderful poetry.

    From the imagery to the word choices, everything works.

    Just great work here.

  13. Oona Hays

    I love this poem and the last stanza is my favorite.

  14. Penny

    Peace for you Ethel. This is a wonderful poem.

  15. I feel for you both. Is this recent news?

    As for the poem. Ethel, this reminds me why you are on of my favourite poets I have discovered on WordPress.

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